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Sour Candies Fight Nausea during Chemotherapy

If your known is taking chemotherapy to treat cancer, he/she may have to go through numerous unpleasant side effects, including nausea. Private label candy manufacturers claim right that their sour candies are helpful in treating nausea during chemotherapy. We know that the side effects caused by chemo are tough to handle yet chemotherapy may be the treatment remains to save a cancer patient’s life. To fight the battle against cancer, patient has to fight with other side effects.

It is important to get nutritious diet during chemotherapy. But the nausea makes it frustrating for the patient to get all nutrients. Patients have several food aversions and have trouble keeping anything down due to strong medication. The only solution to this avoiding food that is spicy, salty, sweet, or acidic as they can promote nausea during chemotherapy.

There are certain foods that patients can easily handle if they are suffering from nausea, such as-

  • Bland foods – eating healthy and nutrients rich diet is the demand during chemotherapy. It includes vegetables, fruits, and proteins. But sometimes the only thing that will help you to fight nausea is to have bland foods that are easy on the stomach. These things include crackers, bananas, toast, potatoes, rice, and chicken that help your stomach to manage food easily.
  • Ginger – ginger is an age old remedy to treat nausea. You can have ginger in many forms including ginger candies, crystallized ginger, and ginger ale. There are studies that prove ginger as a great food that is helpful in reducing or eliminating nausea and vomiting during and after chemotherapy treatments. You can take ginger orally for three days before starting chemotherapy. Ginger is a great natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. Even pregnant women swear on ginger for helping them fighting nausea.
  • Sour foods and candies – sour foods can really helpful in keeping nausea at bay. You may find it hard to believe but there are foods like sour candies, pickles, lime or lemon that may help in battling against nausea and vomiting. You can keep a handful of sour candies with you all time and get a water bottle filled with lemon slices. This is how you will combat nausea, even when on the go.

Sour candies are available at the private label candy manufacturers store. You can contact them and get all of the range of candies. You can even get a customized candy for yourself from them.

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